Penn Wynne - Overbrook Hills patch
Station 21


In the Spring of 1928, the Fire Underwriters Association persuaded the Penn Wynne - Overbrook Hills Civic Association to form a Volunteer Fire Company. The fledgling organization had only one truck - a used, chain drive Brockway pumper truck and a few zealous Volunteer Firemen.

In the Spring of 1929 the group was detatched from the Civic Association and formed their own organization known as the Penn Wynne - Overbrook Hills Fire Company, Inc. About that same time, the Board of the new Fire Company sold the old truck and purchased a new American LaFrance pumper truck and a community roof siren alarm system.

In 1931, the Board purchased ground and erected the Company's first Fire House at Rockglen and Manoa Rds. Initially the new building was used to house the American LaFrance truck and to provide a meeting room for the Directors' meetings and Volunteer Firemen's training sessions.

In subsequent years, as the Community's need for fire protection grew, the building was enlarged to hold three trucks ( two pumper trucks, one ladder truck), improved meeting room facilities, and sleeping accomidation for 24 hour coverage by paid firemen.
Throughout the years, apparatus has changed, equipment has been replaced, and the building has been modified, but one thing has remained the same: The Penn Wynne - Overbrook Hills Fire Company will always be here to continue serving the residents of our Community.

EMERGENCY DIAL 9-1-1 Penn Wynne - Overbrook Hills Fire Company  •  1440 Manoa Rd  •  Wynnewood, Pa 19096
Phone: 610-642-9688
Fax: 610-642-5980